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Dec. 21st, 2011



Year end events at Alter Aeon - Update (Dec 21)

The year-end celebration has started at Alter Aeon!

We're starting things off with a bang today by re-opening the troll caverns in the dark forest on Archais. This update to the original area adds two more levels of caves, a number of new monsters, fame, equipment, and a quest. The caves are suitable for players in the level 25-30 range.

Other events that are planned:

- On the 25th, chrismas day, we will be opening Scribe's new stone giant area west of Finspang on the mainland. This is a high level area and it puts a very different spin on stone giants than you might be expecting.

- On the 28th, we'll be opening a brand new area north of the Old Indira Forest on the island of Kordan. This level 10-14 area is intended to give low level players on Kordan a safe place to explore, and possibly defeat the mole king while they're at it.

- Up to the 23rd, Shadowfax is running an object creation contest that is open to everyone. Check board 8 for details.

- Several different minor contests and activities similar to the famous Halloween Pumpkin Cannon, schedule TBA.

We're also be running sales on various credit purchases in game if you're into that sort of thing.

Finally, all players who log in from now until the end of the year will get a daily thank you gift from the admin, including experience, practices, and sometimes credits. Thanks to everyone for playing!


Alter Aeon MUD

Dec. 13th, 2011



Alter Aeon year end events

I'd like to let everyone know about the year-end celebration we have planned on Alter Aeon. Starting on the 21st of December and going through new years eve, you can look forward to the following:

- The release of a new low level area near Indira As part of our ongoing efforts to give level 8-12 players more quests and areas to explore, we'll be opening a brand new area north of the Old Indira Forest on the island of Kordan.

- A major update to the troll caves on Archais Originally created over 15 years ago, the troll caves were recently taken offline and given a major makeover. We'll be officially opening the updated area, which should now be suitable for levels 24-30.

- The release of a new high level stone giant area west of Finspang This area, created by the original builder of the Undead City of Jo'Kerin, shows a different side of stone giants. If you're only familiar with the giants that reside in the Ash Mountains, you'll be surprised.

- An object creation contest, open to everyone (this is currently running and submissions will close on Dec 23rd, see SF's post)

- Daily gifts will be given out to everyone who logs in!

- Several different minor contests and activities similar to the famous Halloween Pumpkin Cannon

We'll also be running sales on various credit purchases in game if you're into that sort of thing.

I'll post a more detailed schedule closer to the 21st. We hope to see you there!


Alter Aeon MUD

Oct. 26th, 2011



Alter Aeon Halloween Event

If you like vampires, mummies, demons and other things that go bump in the night...

Stock up on supplies and get ready for a fight.

Come see us on October twenty-ninth, it all starts at midnight.

This friday night/saturday morning at midnight, a new area will be opening in the land of Alter Aeon. This place is known as the nightmare plane - little is known of it as yet, but if the name is any hint it sounds terrifying.

This new high level area, months in the making, consists of nearly 350 rooms, over 150 beasties and a host of new fame and fortunes waiting to be found. Over a half a dozen new quests lines are available to explore.

All day sunday, we will be running arena and other events every few hours to give everyone a chance to participate and say hello. We'll have novelty items and prizes for everyone.

On sunday night/monday morning at midnight, an invasion will begin, with incursions all day on Halloween. There will be prizes for all levels outside of the new player zones.

New this year is a special quest zone to help stop the invasion and get a permanent deed added to your character. This zone is set up to allow groups to progress at their own pace without interference from other players or groups that may also be trying to stop the invasion.

We hope to see you there!


Alter Aeon MUD

Sep. 17th, 2011



Alter Aeon Cleric Update

The 2011 Alter Aeon "Cleric Update" is now live! This update contains a lot of changes to improve traditional cleric spells, add a new mode of casting for mages, and clean up other spells and skills that have traditionally not been as awesome as they could be. Here's a list of the most major changes:

- Mages now have the ability to 'channelcast' (ccast) certain elemental spells in combat. Channelcasting takes longer than regular casting, but is interruptible and costs substantially less mana. This feature allows mages to become a true 'blaster' class without compromising healing mana.

The channel casting skills are 'fire focusing', 'ice focusing', 'lightning focusing' and 'crystal focusing'. The fire plane is easiest to reach, and hence it's the lowest level and easiest to channel. The crystal plane is much harder to reach and only high level mages will be able to channel from it.

- Added a necromancer spell 'bone dragon', which allows you to fly around over the landscape.

- Ice imprison and crystal prison have been updated.

- Ward good and ward evil are now more powerful.

- The charm spell has been updated to make it easier to land and to use control points similar to controlled necromancer minions.

- The peace spell has been improved.

- A level 19 curse, 'overconfidence', has been added.
- A level 19 spell, 'hold undead', has been added.
- A level 28 spell, 'sacred touch', has been added.
- A level 29 spell, 'solace', has been added.

As always, you can use the 'spell find' commands to find the teachers or trainers for new spells and skills.

Everyone is welcome to play, so if you're new to the game feel free to stop by and check us out. For more information, see our web site at:


Happy hunting!


Alter Aeon MUD

Jul. 13th, 2011



AA Game Review

We got a rather lengthy and very positive review on the GamingHud web site! It's really hard for small, indy games like AA to get noticed, so this is a pretty big deal for us.

Please drop by and check it out, maybe post a comment or two. I'm sure they would appreciate the traffic and might be more inclined to write about us in the future. The link is at:



Jun. 22nd, 2011



Level 35 expansion

Level 35 is now open and available for players to train! The new skills included with this expansion are:

Mage - the 'store' and 'tap' skills, allowing spells to be stored into equipment for later use.

Cleric - 'hallowed ground', used to create temporary recall sites.

Thief - 'scout', used by thieves to safely look ahead, even into dark or otherwise obscured exits.

Warrior - 'blood rage', an extension of the berserker skills used to temporarily raise hitpoints in battle.

Necromancer - 'soulbind', allowing soulstones to be bound to teeth forged bone armor, shields, and blades.

In addition, two new item effects have been added - THIEF_SKILL_LEVEL, and WARRIOR_SKILL_LEVEL, which complement the cast level effects of the spellcasting classes.

See the help pages for these for further information.


Jan. 15th, 2011



Alter Aeon 16th Anniversary

Hey all,

Alter Aeon's 16th anniversary is this weekend! We have a handful of events planned for both saturday and sunday to celebrate:

- Clan and pk battles throughout the weekend for trophies and prizes

- A leveling contest on a version of the game from 1995

- Several exploration contests for all level ranges

We're also 'officially' turning on area instancing, which means you should start to see it on other areas as we get them ready for it.

Lastly, rather than post updates on boards, I'm going to be adding a 'show events' command that should list event information and schedules. This should help keep everyone up to date on what's going on.

Festivities are already in progress, and should continue through Sunday afternoon.

Dec. 25th, 2010



Christmas Expansion and Update!

If you haven't checked the changelog, here's a rough list of the new spells and skills we added for the holidays:

Added level 25 mage skill 'melt'
Added level 27 mage skill 'spell lore'

Added level 6 cleric spell 'faith shield'
Added level 31 cleric spell 'breath of life'
Added level 32 cleric spell 'group waypoint'
Added level 33 cleric spell 'area heal'
Added level 34 cleric spell 'astral bridge'

Added level 8 thief skill 'listen'
Added level 29 thief skill 'fast talking'

Added level 26 warrior skill 'cleave'
Added level 32 warrior skill 'whirlwind'

Added level 8 necromancer spell 'bone blade'
Reworks to a few necromancer spells and skills to make them more useful.

There's also a bunch of other miscellaneous updates and additions, including new achievements and explorer points. Players that log in and hang out for a while also get a 'thank you' gift for each day until December 29th.

We plan to have several minor events over the next few days, but I'm not sure what the various gods have planned, so I can't give more detail yet. I'll be putting together a few things as well once I get my RL stuff taken care of.

Have fun!

Dec. 21st, 2010



Alter Aeon Christmas Event

We'll be doing something special for Christmas this year - on Christmas
morning, each of the five classes will be getting a present in the form of
new spells and skills! We've been working on and testing these for the
last couple of weeks, and we think we've got some good stuff for all of the
classes. There's also a few other updates which we think you'll find fun.
All of this will go live early Christmas morning, Saturday December 25th.

There will also be a few events run on Christmas day, so you may want to
set aside some time to log in and check things out.

Happy Holidays!

Nov. 6th, 2010



New (old?) Alter Aeon Article

I thought I would mention this, even though it's been a couple of weeks. Someone posted an article about us on BrightHub, in the gaming section:

Mudding Communities Are Alive and Well in Alter Aeon

If you haven't seen it before, you might want to take a look at it. It focuses more on the human aspect of things, and gives you some RL background history on Storm, Lokar, and Morpheus/Sandman. Morpheus' story in particular is pretty cool.

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