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dentin in alter_aeon

Level 35 expansion

Level 35 is now open and available for players to train! The new skills included with this expansion are:

Mage - the 'store' and 'tap' skills, allowing spells to be stored into equipment for later use.

Cleric - 'hallowed ground', used to create temporary recall sites.

Thief - 'scout', used by thieves to safely look ahead, even into dark or otherwise obscured exits.

Warrior - 'blood rage', an extension of the berserker skills used to temporarily raise hitpoints in battle.

Necromancer - 'soulbind', allowing soulstones to be bound to teeth forged bone armor, shields, and blades.

In addition, two new item effects have been added - THIEF_SKILL_LEVEL, and WARRIOR_SKILL_LEVEL, which complement the cast level effects of the spellcasting classes.

See the help pages for these for further information.