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dentin in alter_aeon

Christmas Expansion and Update!

If you haven't checked the changelog, here's a rough list of the new spells and skills we added for the holidays:

Added level 25 mage skill 'melt'
Added level 27 mage skill 'spell lore'

Added level 6 cleric spell 'faith shield'
Added level 31 cleric spell 'breath of life'
Added level 32 cleric spell 'group waypoint'
Added level 33 cleric spell 'area heal'
Added level 34 cleric spell 'astral bridge'

Added level 8 thief skill 'listen'
Added level 29 thief skill 'fast talking'

Added level 26 warrior skill 'cleave'
Added level 32 warrior skill 'whirlwind'

Added level 8 necromancer spell 'bone blade'
Reworks to a few necromancer spells and skills to make them more useful.

There's also a bunch of other miscellaneous updates and additions, including new achievements and explorer points. Players that log in and hang out for a while also get a 'thank you' gift for each day until December 29th.

We plan to have several minor events over the next few days, but I'm not sure what the various gods have planned, so I can't give more detail yet. I'll be putting together a few things as well once I get my RL stuff taken care of.

Have fun!